Welcome to JacNor Consulting

Posted by Jac Nordquist March 2020 • 


Welcome to JacNor Consulting. A small company with offices in Odense, Denmark and Kópavogur, Iceland. Often when consulting or teaching, I find that the concept of marketing is rather unclear in many people’s minds. Not surprising. We , in the marketing business, don’t really do a lot of marketing for ourselves. So I put together this website and made some videos just to make sure we are all on the same page and to help erase the image of us marketers as merely advertising people or someone selling something.

Opening an office in Iceland

In July 2014 we moved our HQ to Kópavogur, Iceland.

In February 2017 we relocated to Hafnarfjörður.

Every month we visit our office in Denmark and communicate daily via Skype and emails.

Lectures around the world

Jac Nordquist CEO of JacNor Consulting has been giving lectures on marketing ethnography and How to Vip´a lize your customer in various places around the world.